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English Language Handbook Special Promotion
Fun with Grammar - Lower Primary
EAN No : 9789674519445

Publisher : EPH(M)

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RM 19.00 (EM)
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Promotion Period : 1 Sep ~ 31 Dec 2021
Grammar refers to the rules of a language. We often speak and write a language using these rules subconsciously. However, we may not fully understand these rules or why some sentences are formed in certain ways. Learning the English grammar will enable us to understand how sentences are constructed and to use the language correctly and proficiently.

FUN WITH GRAMMAR is a series of two books targeted at lower and upper primary school pupils. Through the use of stories and illustrations featuring lively characters, pupils will be able to learn the English grammar by understanding how certain grammar components are used in the stories. Each grammar component is then explained and analysed in detail, followed by specially-designed practice exercises at the end of each unit.
Through this series, it is hoped that pupils will be able to gain a solid grasp of the English language and be confident and proficient users of the language.
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