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Type : DVD
Language :  Bilingual [Eng/Mandarin]

EAN No : 9555329262062
RM 43.90 NETT (WM)
RM 43.90 NETT (EM)

Running into your new stepsister in the bathroom is not the best way to make a good first impression, which Basara Toujou learns the hard way. When his father suddenly brings home two beautiful girls and introduces them as his new siblings, he has no choice but to accept into his family the Naruse sisters: busty redhead Mio and petite silver-haired Maria. But when these seemingly normal girls reveal themselves as demons—Mio the former Demon Lord's only daughter and Maria her trusted succubus servant—Basara is forced to reveal himself as a former member of a clan of "Heroes," sworn enemies of the demons. However, having begun to care for his new sisters, Basara instead decides to protect them with his powers and forms a master-servant contract with Mio to keep watch over her. With the Heroes observing his every move and the constant threat of hostile demons, Basara has to do the impossible to protect his new family members. Moreover, the protector himself is hiding his own dark secret that still haunts him to this day...


Basara Tojo bertemu dengan dua adik kecil yang comel, Mio Naruse dan Maria Naruse. Mereka berdua memperlihatkan diri sebagai anggota klan dan Basara ahli puak wira, musuh klan setan, dan tanpa pertalian keluarga. Mio ialah Demon Lord akan datang. Disebabkan kuasa Mio belum bangkit sepenuhnya, basara melindunginya daripada setan yang mengejari kekuasaan yang diwarisi oleh mendiang ayahnya, Demon Lord Wilbert.

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