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Type : DVD
Language : Bilingual [Eng/Mandarin]

EAN No : 9555329262369
RM 21.90 NETT (WM)
RM 21.90 NETT (EM)

Jiang Ziya The Movie 姜子牙

Jiang Ziya, after defeating the 9 Tailed Fox, was supposed to ascend to God status at Jingxu Hall. However, when tasked with executing the 9 Tailed Fox, there was an innocent, Jiu, whose spirit was seen within the 9 Tailed Fox. With that, Jiang Ziya couldn’t execute her, and in his hesitation, the 9 Tailed Fox escaped. For nearly a decade, Jiang Ziya was punished and forced into shame until he admitted that was he saw was an illusion and not an innocent spirit. Yet, be it stubbornness or honor, Jiang Ziya refuses. This makes the discovery of Jiu, no longer captured within the 9 Tailed Fox, but roaming, in search of Mount Youdou, shocking. Yet, it also answers questions Jiang Ziya would have never fathomed the need to ask and reveals truths that nearly dismantle his faith.


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