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Type : DVD
Language : Bilingual [Eng/Mandarin]

EAN No : 9555499411901
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哪吒见天下大旱,不忍众生遭劫,前往水族兴师问罪,在东海寿宴上与东海龙王三太子敖丙大打出手,但妖族作梗,杀死敖丙后栽赃于哪吒。东海龙王于是前往陈塘关兴师问罪,哪咤由于不愿牵累父母,于当场自戕,以此谢罪。哪吒原为灵珠子,这一切都是他命中劫数,太乙真人将碧藕为骨,荷叶为衣,为哪吒重造仙躯,使之起死回生,然而代价有二,其一,哪吒需入凡尘,寻回五样随身法宝,其二则需帮助小龙女打败蛇姬、复兴水族,如此哪吒方能偿还所有罪衍,与家人团圆。后来哪吒发现昔日大旱与敖丙之死,均为蛇姬逆谋篡位的手段。 她与妖族大帝连手,将四位龙王囚禁,使得龙宫易主,从此成了四海之王。就在一同寻找法宝、以及对抗蛇姬追杀的旅途中,小龙女与哪吒从原本不信任的敌对立场,逐渐建立了深厚的情感,两人也携手合作,最终集齐了五项法宝,打败蛇姬与妖族大帝,复兴水族,伸张了正义。


As a horrible drought settles over the land, the world begins to wither and die. Desperate to save their lives and their livelihoods, the people of the Chentang Pass offer all they have as a sacrifice to the Dragon King of the Eastern Seas; but their efforts to appease the mighty lord just aren’t enough. Watching the world fade to dust, the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King’s son, Ne Zha (Jiang Yi Yi), realizes that the only way to save the ones he loves, is to take down the evil forces responsible for this terrible drought. Setting out on a desperate quest, Ne Zha soon hears rumors of five magic weapons that will help rid the world of evil. Determined to find these weapons, Ne Zha searches far and wide, facing off against every sort of evil imaginable along the way. But not every soul he crosses paths with is vile and not every member of the Dragon King’s court is bent on destruction. When fate brings Ne Zha and the princess of the Eastern Seas, Xiao Long Nu (Wu Jia Yi), together, the tides of the world begin to shift. Determined to end the plague brought on by her father, Xiao Long Nu teams up with Ne Zha, despite the fact the two can rarely get along. Agreeing to put aside their differences, this unlikely pair set out to find the magic weapons that will help them defeat the evil plaguing humanity and return order to and justice to the world.

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