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Starling: Zhang Han, Janine Chang, Jing Chao, Jenny Zhang, Zhou Qi Qi, Ji Xiao Bing 主演: 张翰, 张钧宁, 张嘉倪, 经超, 周奇奇 Language-Mandarin中文对白 Subtitle-Chinese/English 中/英 字幕 剧情介绍 十年前,温暖意外发现姐姐温柔暗恋自己的男友占南弦,却不料导致温占两人的父亲双双罹难,遭受巨变的温暖人间蒸发,从此杳无音讯。一切准备就绪的占南弦先是逼温暖现身,再设计让温暖进入自己的公司就职。 三年后的今天,占南弦又将温暖变成自己的。占南弦用自己的方式让温暖的心再次沦陷后,却选择和别的女人结婚。用十年光阴为爱布局,难道只是要把温暖当初加诸于他的痛苦悉数偿还?温暖和占南弦能否再续前缘?十年爱恨成痴,是否所有的等待,终能不相辜负? Synopsis A story about eternal love. This young and immature but profound love that even a cruel breakup cannot change. They took a decade yet still cannot heal their injured hearts. Even though they have found new companions they are still unable to quell their empty and lonely hearts. Who will make the first move to lure the other back? The love between men and woman is like a war. Just a kiss, a smile or a confession and you will surrender. But he immediately announced his marriage with another woman. Is this love or revenge? Ten years ago she suddenly disappeared without a word. This caused him immense pain throughout the years so is he seeking revenge? This so-called everlasting love perhaps is really no match for the hatred that developed with the passing of time.
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