A Guideline For The Mystery Shoppers
A.1 Mystery Shoppers will be appointed in writing, via email.  
A.2 Mystery Shoppers are required to visit assigned outlets, throughout the assigned duration.  
A.3 The Company reserves the right to terminate the Mystery Shopper Program anytime without any explanation necessary.
A.4 Any false information provided in the Application Form will lead to the termination of the Mystery Shopper's appointment.
B.1 One visitation per month to the designated outlets (throughout the assigned duration). The time and date of visits are at your discretion.
B.2 The Mystery Shopper is required to make a payment transaction (no purchase limit / no specific item) while visiting. All purchases made during this exercise will be borne by the shopper. The receipt will serve as proof of visitation.
B.3 Do not reveal your identity as a Mystery Shopper to any POPULAR employee. Once your identity is revealed, your assignment as Mystery Shopper may be terminated.
B.4 Do not bring this questionnaire along (during your observation) as it may reveal your identity as a Mystery Shopper.
B.5 The Mystery Shopper is responsible for reading the questionnaire guidelines thoroughly and understanding the evaluation aspect, before performing the visitation. (Questionnaire and guidelines will be attached in appointment email.)
B.6 The Mystery Shopper is also responsible to make telephone call audit to the designated outlet as part of the Mystery Shoppers Program. Shopper may make different inquiries and provide feedback according to the telephone handling experience.  

C.1 Submit your feedback (questionnaire + receipt) as soon as you complete the visitation. The deadline shall be the last day of every calendar month.
C.2 The Company reserves the right to cease the appointment of Mystery Shopper who has not submitted feedback.
C.3 No reward shall be awarded, for late submissions.  
D.1 You will be rewarded with a RM50 Popular Gift Voucher for one feedback submission per outlet per month. (If you are assigned with 2 outlets in that particular month, you will be rewarded with a total of RM100 for 2 outlets' submissions.)
D.2 Vouchers will be issued in the next month.  
D.3 Vouchers will be mailed via "Pos Daftar" to your correspondence address. (Please ensure the address is able to receive mail during normal working hours.)
Please feel free to contact us at our direct line 03-91796009 or drop us an email at [email protected] if you have any inquiry. 

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