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TEMPLE 妙庙美少女 V1-12E(DVD)

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Akemitsu Akegami was always told by his father that "no one can live alone"...but he's sure determined. After all, his father sure wasn't saying it with the best intentions, and Akemitsu has no desire to become like that creep. But when a chance encounter with a young woman leaves him with thoughts that are all too impure, he decides to do what he must - become a Buddhist monk and renounce worldly ways. But the temple he decides to devote himself full of women? And that same young woman is there, too?? What's a guy to do?
《妙廟美少女》是一部改編自漫畫的新作,講述主角赤神明光因為遇 到蒼葉結月而改變命運的故事。他一直堅持著單身主義,但某天在意 外情況下遇到了蒼葉結月,對她一見鍾情,甚至馬上向她求婚。
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