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"I Love Malaysia" Children
31 Aug - 30 Sep 2021
POPULAR/HARRIS Bookstores Nationwide
📣Hey kids! Let’s celebrate our National Day and stand a chance to win total prizes worth RM2,500!
Download and print out the drawing block from starting 30 Aug, and colour it with your Faber-Castell Poster Colour!
📆Submission Deadline: 30/9/2021
🛒Faber-Castell Poster Colour is available at POPULAR/HARRIS Bookstores and POPULAR Online:
从8月30日起在 下载并打印出画纸,发挥你的创意在空白处绘画,并使用Faber-Castell Poster Colour 上色吧!
🛒Faber-Castell Poster Colour可在全马大众书局/HARRIS书店或POPULAR Online购买: